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Victa is our partner for Business Intelligence software called QlikView. Victa is a company that solely focuses on QlikView software and its services. Their range of services include: QlikView consultancy, trainings and helpdesk.

Not familiar with QlikView yet? QlikView is Business Intelligence software that lets you make sense of your business data and drives innovative decision making. It is particularly interesting if you want to match data from different sources. It is mobile and it works with most platforms. It makes data associative, creating easily-understandable visual relationships across multiple, complex data sources.

The possibility to connect OEE Toolkit with QlikView might be new to many of our customers. So what makes the combination QlikView and OEE Toolkit so interesting?

With OEE Toolkit you can choose from over 30 types of reports. These are fixed reports so you easily get the best selected reports on OEE losses. Our experience is that these reports are very effective in providing insights to improve your OEE. But if you want to go deeper and get more out of your OEE data, than QlikView can be your solution. The QlikView application simply increases the number and types of analyses.

QlikView permits you to analyze on the highest level. Do you want to have a helicopter view on multiple plants? That is possible. From here you can do a drill-down analysis to discover the root cause of your losses. You will be amazed by the variety of analyses that can be made. To give you an example, you can match your idles with your energy consumption or CMMS. Retaining overview and being able to see all the details at the same time is one of the advantages of QlikView.

With QlikView you will have your own customizable user interface so you will be able to determine your top priorities or KPI’s. It is possible to let Victa design the perfect user interface for you, so it will be designed according to your wishes. FullFact and Victa have built a standard application layer in QlikView so further extension can be realized easily. Also nice to know, QlikView is one of the fastest growing tech companies, according to Forbes, alongside to Apple and LinkedIn.

Discover QlikView here and download the free QlikView Personal Edition. For more information contact our Sales department via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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