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‘Thanks to OEEblue we work increasingly efficient and effective’

At Outokumpu quality is a verb

The Finnish company Outokumpu is European leader in producing stainless steel. A multinational with facilities in 30 countries of which one production facility in Terneuzen (The Netherlands). In January 2011 this factory won the much-wanted TPM Excellence Award. That was the crowning achievement of a continuous improvement process over many years. However leaning back was not the case: a lot of profit was still to gain. ‘The award gave us an enormous boost. Thanks to OEEblue we work increasingly efficient and effective.

OEEblue developments

OEEblue is continuously under development and is extended using our customers’ and our own experiences in the field. Recently introduced: OEE 123 is now visible from RemoteCollect and the Web Based Dashboard. 

Daily Management - How is it done?

Daily Management; it seems to be so simple, yet achieved results decline.
On May 15, our customers came together to discuss how to deal with the results from the OEEblue software and apply the results in Daily Management. The purpose? Learn from each other, because we’re all facing the same topics on the road to continuous improvement.

Champions do not stand still

Feedback Sessie

People play a central role in every improvement method. The active participation of staff members is of the most crucial importance in order to achieve success with any improvement methodology.
However just as technology may fail, even the most enthusiastic staff member might “get bogged down”. He finds it difficult to integrate the implemented improvement method into his daily work routine.

Welcome - new customers

Also in the last several months we have the previlege to welcome new customers.
Cavex - Haarlem (The Netherlands), 3M - Zwijndrecht (Belgium) and Vlisco - Helmond (The Netherlands) we wish you a warm welcome as OEE Toolkit user!

Q&A with our Sr Consultants

Q: Do’s and don’ts for successful use of OEEblue

Results FullFact Customer Satisfaction Survey

Last December we sent out the 2013 FullFact Customer Satisfaction Survey. We are very glad that so many of you took the time to fill out the questionnaire.

OEE Toolkit User Group

Please have a look at the OEE Toolkit User Group on LinkedIn.

New: support telephone number

The only thing we could improve on our service level is our phone number!
FullFact has a new phone number to reach out for the Support department. From now on you can dial: +31-499-760002 and speak directly to one of our helpdesk employees.