OEEblue developments

OEEblue is continuously under development and is extended using our customers’ and our own experiences in the field. Recently introduced: OEE 123 is now visible from RemoteCollect and the Web Based Dashboard. 

This allows you to increase the operator involvement with your live OEE performances. Another new feature is the RemoteCollect ability to use (analog) speed measurements as an input signal. This allows you to analyze OEE on processes where no discrete products can be measured and where only a continuous signal is present.

A major feature that is being tested in a live environment is that all production activities and down times (including short idles) are being registered and stored in high detail by RemoteCollect. These results can of course be analyzed in OEEblue. Up to now this level of detail was not possible yet, but with this new version no downtime will be missed!

For our longer term roadmap we are working on a completely renewed version of OEEblue. This version is redeveloped in a new environment and will be loaded with new features, such as the possibility to analyze the performance rate in more detail. We expect to finalize the first release of this version around the end of this year.