Daily Management - How is it done?

Daily Management; it seems to be so simple, yet achieved results decline.
On May 15, our customers came together to discuss how to deal with the results from the OEEblue software and apply the results in Daily Management. The purpose? Learn from each other, because we’re all facing the same topics on the road to continuous improvement.

The results are visualized and now?

The employees have been using the OEEblue software and see the physical changes in their working environment. Often than thought, "this project is finished, the implementation is behind us and now we are going back to our normal work routine". However, the improvement is only implemented for about 20%. The remaining 80% consisting of less visible factors, who need more time and effort to implement.

After OEEblue implementation, mostly the focus is on the process, even if this is at the expense of the result in the short term. The bottlenecks or necessary alterations in the working process are visualized and need to be addressed first. This requires a shift that does not always feel as natural as expected and will cause some resistance. A common situation: “We have visualized the results, we have discussed the results and as soon as I turn, all the operators complain behind my back at the coffee machine! Why? They all agreed just yet?”

The way of thinking about managing work and productivity should change, otherwise the improvement does not last long and many of us are struggling with this.

Invisible factors

Guest speaker Ron Bakker explained the invisible factor of resistance and that it is human nature to react on changes. "We often focus only on systems and processes, but the change has a major impact on the culture and structure of an organization also. It is very important to recognize and address resistance. "Hassle comes anyway, so why not take immediate action?"

Conclusion of the day

Daily Management isn’t simple. In many companies, OEEblue is as an input for direct improvement actions. However, improvement also focuses on fundamental restructuring of business processes and structures, and also improves the functioning of the people in the organization. Different options and solutions have been discussed. For example, subjects have been put in a different perspective and we’ve changed the mindset about several topics.

Daily management OEE

Daily Management

1. Visualizing the standard & actual situation
2. Daily brief discussion of the deviations from the standard process
3. Way of Work for team leaders
4. Expect resistance from colleagues