Functionalities that make life easier!

In order to make OEEblue’s usage as enjoyable as possible FullFact has developed a number of valuable features.

ShiftScheduler can be programmed or linked to an external shift schedule. This way the operator starting a shift does not need to worry about starting or ending his shift in OEEblue. The advantage of ShiftScheduler is a reduction of failure causes and it guarantees that each shift is recorded right to the minute. Less work, more information. 

Our User Access Control allows you to freely create several roles within your organization for admin users, key users, production supervisors and operators. Using this functionality will increase the reliability of your data because only the people with authorized access will be able to make changes to the data.

With the Machine Groups feature you can group your machines in logical subsets, thus only providing the machine data to the departments that actually have need for this data.

ExternalCollect is a program that can be used to import master data items. This way you synchronize your master data at any given time. Ideal for keeping your product range up to date.